Friday, August 19, 2016

Staining fake wood

I recently bought some watercolor feather wall art for our house. I loved the actual paintings, but hesitated because the faux wood frames were way to gray for our house. 
I went ahead and bought them and then pulled out some wood stain to rub on the frame, hoping that it would work and not just make a mess.

I was pleased with the results--the stain warmed the frames up perfectly so they now match the house. yay!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Garden Bouquet

This past week was my dad's birthday.
He passed away 5 years ago. 
I still think about him all the time--when I'm cooking bacon on the griddle, when that funny (inappropriate) thing he used to say pops into my head, and of course with all the big things in life--all the events. I like that my kids, who either never met him or don't remember much of him, still know about him--knows he loved fishing, knows he loved bacon, eggs and hash browns, etc. 

My mom was going up to the cemetery to put some flowers on the grave, so I got a bouquet ready quick. I was surprised by what I could find in the garden to make a pretty bouquet. It also made me smile knowing that Dad would approve of the lack of fuss, the ingenuity, and the beauty of it.

I used zennias (some of my favorite!), russian sage, broccoli leaves, cilantro that had gone to seed, and mint springs. Not only did it look like a pretty wildflower bouquet, but it also smelled delicious. 

 Miss you Dad. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Fairy Garden

Today my three girls and I got together with Grandma and an aunt and cousin to make a delightful fairy garden.
Not only was it adorable, but the kids were as well. 
They had so much fun placing and replacing all of the stuff. I'm sure they will be playing with and rearranging for a long time to come!

Monday, July 4, 2016

For the love of nature

I love spending time outside. Truly, anywhere outside is usually better than inside, but to really be loving life, I like to go to the mountains. 
The quiet, the seclusion, the smell, the sunshine, the intangible energy and quality of being in the mountains is wonderful. 
I wish it wasn't so hard to take the time and effort to get there, but at least we did get there recently. 
We went on a family camping trip to an area we know well, but to a whole new spot. We were the only ones around, and it was beautiful, and it was great. 

We were nestled deep down in a lush ravine of sorts, so there were only a few hours at mid-day where the sun was shining down on us. 

We did the usual--cooked over a campfire and explored around. 

Yes, there are few things messier than taking kids camping, but it is worth every mess.


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