Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Flower Cottage Embroidery Hoop Project

 And now for my all time favorite embroidery projects: 
The Flower Cottage!
Too cute!

I found this pattern by Ellison Lane and loved it!
I decided to just wing it and not purchase and use the pattern (I'm quite lazy about following patterns), and as you can see, mine is a little lop-sided and not nearly so cute and symmetrical as hers. Oh well. I don't mind. 

It was such a fun project though--there were so many different embroidery stitches to use.

I think my favorite part is this great big pink and orange flower with the french knot center. So cute! Of course, the little girl peaking out the window is great too. I almost didn't put her in, but alas, the house looked lonely and empty without her.

Such a colorful little cottage. 
And now this is my last's time to put everything up on the wall!


 It feels a bit sad to be finished with my embroidery projects. Embroidery has appealed to me for a long time, but now that I have done it, I love it! There is something so fulfilling about picking out the colored threads and watching them transform a plain white piece of fabric. Each stitch adds more color and more shape to your image. I love it! I love how each stitch also adds so much bold color to it. I suppose if you use more subtle colors, that would not be the case, but either way, I like watching my images take form with each stitch I make. And I really like how there are so many different stitches to do. 

Hmmm, seems like I will have to think of something new to embroider. :)


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Flower Garden Embroidery Hoop Art

This whimsical little embroidery hoop project sure was fun--all the different flowers and the cute little blue bird. 
I like that it looks like a flower garden with all the flowers in a line. 
I like how the flowers are big and the bird is so small, 
and I like how the flowers are many different shapes and sizes.

I liked using little french knots for petals and middles.

 Fun project!

Only one more left and my wall will be complete!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin Party 2014

 It's that time of year again!
It's Pumpkin Party Time!

We seriously look forward to this party all year long. 
My mom always plants a great pumpkin patch--each year it gets bigger and bigger--and all year we monitor the progress of the pumpkins, waiting for the big event. 

And every year it is filled with much fall festiveness, good food, and great company.

This year for extra fun and to add to the overall  atmosphere, I surprised my mom with this pumpkin sign to use as decor.

My husband helped me cut a pallet to the size I wanted, and then I just used craft paint to paint "Pumpkins for Sale" on it with some vines and a pumpkin. 

I was going for rustic and simple, so I didn't plan anything out fancy--just went for it. It took much longer than I expected (maybe because I was watching shows with my husband?) but it turned out to my liking. 

 My mom made some seriously amazing chili--her mom's recipe--and we all talked and reconnected while eating it and warm corn bread with a good smear of honey butter. 
We even had family from North Dakota and California come all the way out to Idaho and be there at our party. 

After eating our chili and sampling lots of fall desserts, we headed out to the pumpkin patch where all the kids got to claim a pumpkin.

Such a great family tradition!
Thanks Mom for once again hosting a fun and festive party. :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Wood Blocks dyed with Rit Dye

I think many parents would agree: You can never have too many blocks--not too many in number nor too many in kinds and varieties. 
Lucky for me, my husband loves working with wood so he made a beautiful set of blocks for our kids last Christmas.

They have been used over and over again in so many ways. 

Here's a day where we made car routes:

The favorite way to play with them seems to be in making castles for their unicorns and Pegasuses, although horse stables and stuffed animals homes are a close second and third. 

Such a valuable toy that we all love!

We decided to make four sets, each a different color. Each set had the following pieces:

Here are the four sets before we dyed them. 

Remember our magic wands that we dyed with Rit Dye?  

Well, that is exactly how we achieved these fun colors for the blocks. 
We used old yogurt containers to dilute the Rit Dye 4:1, water:dye. (We used 2 cups of water and 1/2 cup of dye, which was a little overboard.)

Then we dipped each raw-wood block into the dye.

And protected our hands with plastic bags. :)

 And voila--they turned out great! Even now, a full 10 months after they received them, we play with them. Perhaps only twice a month, but that twice a month tends to be an all-day thing. Worth the effort for sure.


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