Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spring Irises

I really love Irises.

I often wish they lasted longer, but then I try to remember that that is part of the charm--they come in great glory when the rest of the flowers are still young and then they pass on very quickly.

You have to enjoy them the day you see them, because tomorrow they will look different. 
Even though that can be sad, I think that perhaps, for me, it is a good life lesson. 

 It has been fun to discover all the different iris varieties at our house--they have all been a surprise this spring! 
Only one plant did I bring with us, and that one traveled with us to 4 different homes. In each home, we left a little behind but brought it with us. 
It didn't bloom this year? Not yet at least....

These beauties were completely covered by weeds last year and pretty much finished blooming when we moved in, so this year it has been rather enchanting to see what comes up. 

I love the warmth of these mauve-colored ones. 

 And this beautiful peach one has been a fun surprise! There is just one blossom on it, but I'm sure in years to come it will expand. 

I'm thankful for irises--for their beauty in the spring and even for their short-lived blossoms that encourage me to enjoy the moment and each day as it is because tomorrow will come and today will be gone forever. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Bees!

Well, between our hornet invasion and the cold snap in the early winter, all of our bees died. 

We were bummed, but not detered! We decided to give it a go this season again. So, we ordered some bees and when they were ready, we drove out to get them and placed them back in our hives.

This year we purchased mini-hives called "nucs" (for "nuclear colony") rather than just a queen and some bees, hoping to get a jump on the season and make them that much stronger going into the winter this year. 

They were already thriving when we placed them in our boxes. 

 Oh I hope, I hope, I hope we get lots of honey this year and that these gals survive the winter! 
Wish us luck. ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2016


I caught this great moment this weekend between my nephew and his grandpa. 
So sweet! I love how they are both so fixated on each other. 


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