Friday, January 23, 2015

Sugar and Spice Bark

Emily has told me about these cookies a few times now, and I don't know...I just never really got around to making them.

Boy was I missing out!

I made some this last holiday season, and we LOVED them!
They are such a great cookie for the holiday season due to the warm cinnamon and nutmeg in them, but it would be a shame to only make them then. 

These Sugar and Spice Bark cookies are a great texture--soft with some structure--and less sweet than the traditional cookie, which I found appealing. Of course, I really enjoyed dunking them in my hot chocolate, which completely negates any health benefits of having less sugar, but whatever. They were even perfect for that! While a lot of cookies would be overwhelmingly sweet once dunked in your hot cocoa, these were perfection. :)

So, they have the perfect texture, a subtle nice sweetness, a warm spiciness and they are just plain adorable! Sprinkled with coarse sugar and cinnamon and engraved with elegant wavy fork marks, what's not to love about them?

Many thanks for the folks over at Better Homes and Gardens for once again making such wonderful cookies. :)
Here's the recipe link:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vegetable cups

Look how cute these little veggie cups are?  

 So cute and yummy!
It's a fun new twist on a veggie tray--everyone gets their own individual vegetable cup. 
My mom brought the supplies to make these last time we were having a dinner party at my place, and it was a big success.

Each "cup" is a hard roll that has been hollowed mostly out, filled with vegetable dip and sliced vegetables. 

They are portable, fun, attractive, and healthier than most appetizers out there.

Want to make some? Here's what you do.


Hard rolls
Vegetable dip or ranch dressing
Vegetables prepared for snacking:
Sliced carrots
Sliced cucumbers
Cherry tomatos
Sliced celery
Sugar snap peas

1.  Prepare rolls by slicing the tops off and hollowing them mostly out (not too thin!).
2. Place about 1/4 cup of your vegetable dip into each cup.
3. Arrange the vegetables in the cups, and you're done!
(You can make all the cups the same, or do what my mom and I did when we made them: leave some without tomatoes, celery, etc so your guests have options.)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Chalkboard Quote: Do Small Things With Great Love

Here's a new chalkboard quote. 
"do small things with great love"
I believe it was Mother Theresa who said that. 

I think it is a good motto for everyone, but I find it particularly meaningful as a mother. 
Our days are filled with "small things" like meals, stories, laundry, cleaning, building towers, etc. 
But doing them with great love makes all the difference in the world.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Heart Friendship Bracelet

I've been waiting almost a year to share with you this fun little project!
Last year my oldest daughter was really into friendship bracelets, so I decided to surprise all my girls with a special Heart Valentine's Day Friendship Bracelet. 

They loved them! Now, a good 11 months later, they still have them and they are looking pretty worn and they don't wear them much, but it was fun for me to do and fun for them. They were pretty impressed with the hearts in it.

To mix things up, I one that was red with light pink hearts and one that was light pink with red hearts.

Want to give it a go?
You have to pay attention to what you are doing, but they are really quite easy to make. Get your supplies, pop in a show and away you go.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Foggy Morning Pictures

We have been having a lot of fog lately. It's been wet, cold and utterly enchanting. 
My younger girls and I went for a (quick) walk one morning to explore in the fog.



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