Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apple pie, so many ways...

I happen to LOVE apple pie. I love to make it, I love to smell it, I love to eat it. I love that it means fall is here. I love that it feels like home. I love that there are so many possibilities for apple pie!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to do apple pie.
Clockwise from top left:
1) Cheese-crust apple pie. Add shredded cheese to the crust in a 1:1 ratio with the flour. I've only ever tried sharp cheddar (that's what this is a picture of), but I've heard good things about Gruyere....

2) Cranberry apple pie. Just add cranberries for a tangy twist. It's that simple.... If you are nervous about it adding a bit too much tang, add 1/4 c. or so extra sugar. Or just bury the warm pie in vanilla ice cream. Oh wait, you should do that no matter what apple pie variation you try. 

3) Galette. That's French for beautiful pastry. Actually, I have no idea what "galette" means but what it is is a fabulous, flaky, flat, free-form french pastry. :) Obviously I have a thing for "free form" as you can see that 3 of these 4 pies have a crust where the sides are just folded over. I think there's something about apple pie that lends itself for this rustic look. For a galette, just make a round circle of pie dough on a cookie sheet, pile apple pie filling into the middle, and fold the edges over. It's that easy.

4) Crumb-topped. If I had to pick a favorite way to do apple pie, this would be it. This is our family's traditional Thanksgiving apple pie. Deep-dish, buttery-cinnamony-brown sugary-nutty crumb topping. I seriously remember my mom peeling and slicing up BAGS of apples for her deep-dish delight. It made the biggest pie ever. Thank goodness.

Also,  few notes about making apple pie:
The best apple to use for a pie? Mcintosh. Hands down. They are hard to come by though....
How much cinnamon should you use? Enough that your apples are pretty much brown. :) I like mine with lots of cinnamon.
How much sugar? A bare-minimum. You want your apple pie to taste like apples, right?

Happy baking!

It's Fall! Make yourself an apple pie this week. Try something new....

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