Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Messy, delicious super sandwich

To some, this probably looks revolting. To others, perhaps it just looks like a mess of stuff. To me, this is beauty. Let me tell you a little bit about this sandwich.

1) I started with fresh, whole-grain, bought-at-the farmer's-market bread.
2) Then I took a deliciously ripe avocado, sprinkled it with some lemon pepper, mashed it up and spread it on the bread.
3) I topped that with grated carrot and red pepper slices for some sweet crunch.
4) Then I added some sliced garden-ripe tomatoes.
5) And for some protein, I put some left-over cannellini beans on it.


And the best part? My 3-year-old had tons of fun making it. AND she ate it. AND she asked for another "super sandwhich" the next day.

Healthy. Beautiful. Delicious. 

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