Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brown Paper Package Cards

I made these a while ago for a card exchange, and was thinking that they would be perfect for Christmas cards or Thank Yous around Thanksgiving time.
The idea is a 'brown paper package tied up with strings'. I thought it would be great to have a card that was as fun to open as a package. Here's how I made them...

Use an existing card or cut and fold cardstock the size you want. Rip pieces of brown paper bags or other scrapbook paper (or both) and glue to the front, wrapping the edges around to the inside. Add a stamp to the front. Cut a piece of paper that is slightly smaller than the inside of your card when it's open and layed flat. Glue it on. (I had to weight these with books while the glue dried to get them to stay closed nicely.) Wrap the card with string and tie a bow. That's it!

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