Monday, November 15, 2010

Growing Amaryllis

It's that time of year!

 Time to get your amaryllis planted for glorious December color. Right now is the perfect time to plant your bulbs so that they will be in-bloom for Christmas.

And who wouldn't want this beautiful flower as part of their holiday decor?

This first year of amaryllis growing is pretty easy; it's getting it to come back the second year that takes care and planning. Hopefully this will be my second year that I get to see these beautiful blossoms for the holidays! I envision a house full of these someday. :) 

There is even an Amaryllis website dedicated to helping you be successful at growing these beauties (which I have used several times).  

In short though, this is the easy part of the amaryllis cycle: just plant the bulb in some good soil, leaving the top 1/3 out of the soil.  Place in a sunny, warm spot and water enough to keep the soil a bit moist, but not wet. As blossoms appear, water more. Alternatively, there are some attractive clear glass pots available now that dangle the roots in water and require no soil. You should have beautiful blossoms by Christmas!

To get your amaryllis to bloom again the next year, cut the stem off after the flowers have faded but leave the leaves. Allow them to grow all year until they start to die at the end of summer. Then, dig up your bulb, clean it off, and store it somewhere cool for 6 weeks. Then repeat. Voila!

Amaryllis bulbs are easy to find this year--I've seen them in grocery stores (I bought myself a new one this year that is red and white), Target, Walmart, etc.

Happy growing!


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