Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Painted Leaf Garland

When my son refused to take a nap the other day, I decided we needed a project. I had a bunch of scraps of fall colored cardstock laying around so we got to work. I layed out the scraps, some red, orange, brown and green paint, and let him paint to his little hearts desire. (Tip* if you have never used Crayola Washable Paint with your kids, you should. They aren't kidding when they say washable. Clean-up, so easy).

When the paint dried we started cutting. He cut 'square shapes' and I cut what he thought were 'silly shapes'- I thought I was cutting leaves. Then we puched a hole in each 'leaf' and strung them on a piece of hemp string. (The hemp was wide enough that the leaves would stay in place without tying any knots).

The end result was a fun festive garland. Super inexpensive and we had a great time making it together!

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