Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alphabet Magnets

Now, no offense to those of you who have the traditional alphabet magnets on their fridge (you know, the brightly-colored plastic magnets shaped like letters), but don't these magnets spice things up a bit?

I love them! There are so many possibilities when making alphabet magnets like this. Here I used "western" themed alphabet stickers I found at a craft store and stuck them onto to paper that looks like old jeans. Then glued a magnet on the back and a large clear stone on the front and voila!

Here's another option that Emily made. This set uses plain black lettering and different paper backgrounds. Same idea, whole new look!

These magnets are really easy and fun to make. There are many tutorials available online, here's a link to one: eHOW
Also, you can typically find supplies to make them at any craft store, but they are also available online (Craft Supplies For Less for example).

We've both made variations on these magnets for gifts--who doesn't like stylish magnets? My 3-year-old also discovered that these could stick to the wall around her window frame (must be framed with metal?) so she magnets all sorts of stuff up onto her wall.

Happy crafting!

Oh! and no time to make them for yourself or just want to see more of our fun designs?
Check them out here!


  1. I love these!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. So neat I totally love them. I had my then five year old make magnets like this last year, but not with letters like this. We might have to make these next year for her little cousins.
    Thank you for sharing at Holly Bloggy.

  3. I am loving this. I have made magnets similar to these, and also out of bottle caps, but I love the idea of making them ABC. 123's would be awesome too. I gotta do this! Thanks for sharing!
    I just made an ABC flip book for my kids made out of badge holders from the dollar store.

  4. Love this - and there is a certain 3 year old who will too! TFS

  5. i LOVE this - and i will be making some THIS WEEK! :)

    i linked on my blog -

  6. absolutely brilliant! wihs i thought of it. ;)


  7. Love the brightly-colored ones! These are great. Thanks for sharing ... I'll be linking these and a few other of your archives.

  8. Hello, I just found your blog and I am loving all of your recipes and such. Keep up the great work ;o)

  9. SO COOL! I am looking for fun ways to learn sight words for my Kindergartner. These would be so much fun!

  10. I need to do this!!! We don't have ANY alphabet magnets, but I want to put up a magnet board in the basement for my kids in their playroom. Thanks!

  11. What kind of glue do you use on these?

  12. We used E600 glue (comes in a grey tube). Just put quite a glob on the stone and then push the stone down on the paper till the glue sqishes to the edges.

  13. Love this idea! Want to use for Teachers @ elementary school. PS I was happy to see someone else who spells her name like me!

  14. Do you sell these? If so, how much? Thx!

  15. Did you buy those "bubbles" or you made them with silicon?


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