Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mirrored Christmas Ornaments Tutorial and Giveaway!

I love these ornaments!!!

What could be better at reflecting all those beautiful Christmas lights you have on your tree than ornaments made from a mirror? These ornaments are a perfect mix of beautiful and funky (not to mention great for recycling--infinitely better than throwing a broken mirror in the garbage).

I first made these back in college when I worked a funky little on-campus craft shop that was filled with all sorts of goodies such as pottery wheels, stained glass equipment, and book-making supplies. We would make them for the Christmas fair and decorate several trees with them; they'd always sell like wildfire.

They are super easy and fun to make, so I've continued to make them over the years.

Here's your supply list:
a broken mirror (preferably a high-quality thick one),
some crafting wire (any size and finish you want)
wire cutters,
and, if you are feeling adventurous, beads (I didn't include any on these ones I made, but in the past I have put beads on and I like how they turn out. Colored glass can also be a fun alternative I've tried before).

 To make them, just bend the wire around the glass. That's it. Of course, experience teaches you all sorts of tricks that are aesthetically pleasing: layering the pieces of mirror, making bends and crimps in the wire with the pliers, wrapping the wire around a pencil to create little loop-d-loops, etc.

Now, I've made some for a giveaway!

If you'd like some of these beauties to grace your tree and reflect your Christmas lights for a little umph in your holiday splendor, here's what to do: 
1. Leave a comment: What is your favorite ornament on your Christmas tree? one entry.  
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Giveaway Closed!
Congrats to Jamie! We hope you enjoy your new ornaments.
That's right--up to 4 entries! :)

On the 19th, a lucky winner will be drawn and I'll send you some of these ornaments to add to your Chrismtas tree just in time for the holidays.

Hope you have a 'bright' day!



  1. I was already following you and you have now been Facebooked! :)

    My favorite ornament is the one Phil got me for our first Christmas together when we were dating. It started a tradition we have continued ever since!

  2. I my favorite ornament is probably my large Be Merry canvas sign:)

  3. my favorite ornament on my tree is the red star up on top.

  4. i'm a follower now (this is the first blog that I have ever followed). :)

  5. you are linked to my blog now!

  6. i love my nativity ornament that is carved out of wood. what a great idea about the reflecting mirrors... love it!

  7. I have a gazillion ornaments on my tree so it's rather difficult to choose just one. I do love my angels, and the vintage bulbs, but one of my faves has to be the 1950-esque TV I gave to my son a few years back. I also love the few that my children made for me growing up!
    P.S. I'm adding you to my "Beautiful Blogs" section on my blog, ART of Humungous Proportions.
    Merry Christmas ~

  8. My favorite ornaments have to be the beautiful ornaments that were my mother and father. I remember them from when I was a child.

  9. Hi,Jamie! This is such a cool ornament idea, love it! Found you on Tatertots, also love the outdoor ornaments. What a cute, fun blog! Nice to meet you guys!

  10. I had no idea you were a blogger but am thrilled to have seen you on Tatertots and Jello! Now I'm going to have to do a driveby of your house to check out your ice sculptures. They are gorgeous!!! I might be trying me some of those. Don't know where I would hang them, but I would find somewhere.

  11. Oh, and I am your newest follower, but I'm sure you will have plenty more.

  12. just added you to my blog. I love my red wreaths. Great blog ladies!

  13. My favorite ornament is the angel my grandmother gave to me when I was a baby. When I got married and had my own tree, my mom gave it to me. My grandma died when I was 6, so I have always treasured it.


  14. I love the mirror ornaments. How did you keep from cutting yourselves. Merry Christmas!

  15. My fav ornaments are the beaded wreaths my daughter made when she was three. We used clear colored beads and white pipe cleaners...so simple, but the light reflects off of them so prettily.

  16. I still have an ornament like this that you gave me in college! I would love to add to the collection. :)

  17. And now I finally follow you blog. Sheesh!

  18. Wow, these are really neat! I bet they look amazing on a tree with all of those lights...

  19. love coming on this blog!!! My favorite ornament is a glittery silver tree I have.


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