Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best of the Best: Valentine's Day Crafts

I love Valentine's day!
It's so fun to decorate for the holidays, and I think decorating for Valentine's day is particularly fun--perhaps because it's right in the middle of dreary February and all the bright reds and pinks seem to add a lot of fun and color to our lives. I was looking around for some Valentine's crafting inspiration and here are my favorite finds this season.

Aren't they all wondeful?

I love the pillows--makes me want to buy a bench just so I have something to put them all on. :) Maybe I could snazz up my room a bit with them? Or do a little holiday-makeover in my living room?

Clockwise from top: pillows from Felt So Cute, pinwheels from Mrs. Potts Thoughts, cards from The Purl Bee, crayon hearts from Martha Stewart, and treat packages from Martha Stewart.

And the hand-stiched cards!! To-die-for.

And the melted-crayon hearts! ahh!

You get the point, I love these. :)

Time to get Valentine's day crafting!


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  1. My love for Valentine's Day decorations probably stem from the lack of pink in my house! My favorite holiday to decorate for!!


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