Friday, January 14, 2011

Brainstorm: 1st Birthday Party Themes

I have a little girl whose first birthday is coming up. It's kind of exciting and kind of terrible--where did the time go? I thought time went too fast with my first, but this little one is my second, and her first year seemed to fly by in a blur. Wasn't it just the other day that I had her? She's been such a fun baby to have around.

 So, what to do for her first birthday?

I searched my brain and the web for inspiration and thought I'd share my favorite themes; hopefully it can be some inspiration for a little one's party in your life!

  • Polka dots. Any color combo could be fun: primary colors, pastels, light pink/dark pink/brown, yellow/lavender, etc. etc. You could plaster the house with polka dots that were cut from construction paper, scrapbook paper, felt, or you could just use paper plates hung up everywhere! I've seen all sorts of cute polka dot cakes--one clever idea used different varieties of M&Ms to make different sized dots.

decor by SquareSpace, dress from Newborn Baby Zone, cake from Polka Dot Birthday

  • ABC/123: you could use the old-fashioned wooden blocks as a theme. I've seen where people use them as stamps--wouldn't that make cute invites?

from The Stir

  • Rainbow: you could ask party guests to wear solid-colored shirts in every color of the rainbow. I LOVE this cake, but I can't imagine actually feeding all that food coloring to my newly-turned-one-year-old.... :) But, that's just me.

treat table by Pizzazzerie, felt number 1 from The Rainbow Room, cake from Whisk Kid
  • Crayons: similar to the rainbow theme, just add crayons!

pastel cupcakes from Crafting Parties, cupcake pops from Just the Little Things, cupcake cake from Wedding Bee

  • Favorite storybook: choose your child's favorite storybook and base the party around that.

hat from Better Than Normal, pokey puppy cake from Grin and Bake It, hungry caterpillar cake from Catch My Party

  • Bumble Bee: For a baby it'd be cute to go "natural" with a bee theme--lots of earth tones and pastel yellows and greens.

cake from Amy's Baking Company, chairs from Style me Pretty, treat table from Design Dazzle

How will I ever choose? I'm a bit torn between doing what I like best and picking something that relects my daugther's personality more. She's only one so it's not like she'll care, but still....

The first word she recognized (besides Mom, Dad and her sister's name) was "bumble bee" so that theme is a little sentimental to me.  And she's really into farm animals right now--learning all their sounds and such, so that would be completely appropriate. We'll see....


  1. When my first turned 1, we had a lot of family in town for a wedding so I decided to just throw this huge party for Grace. We decided to do Bears and Balloons. We had cute bear shaped and decorated cookies on her cake, along with fluffy balloons out of frosting, bear themed foods, like teddy grahams, gummi bears for a treat, teddy bears picnic 'picnic' food. We had red and white checked napkins and table clothes to go along with the picnic theme.. lots of teddy bears hanging out, tons of balloons!! Then the older kids got to take home balloons and a teeny picnic basket with a pouch of gummy bears.. and a CD with lots of teddy bear and balloon music. Now my 3rd girl is about to turn 1.. and I have no idea what to do for her! I love all these ideas you've posted!

  2. I need to find out how you block your photos. Very cool! I'm no good at themes. Bumblebee seems like the right option and there are so many cute directions you could take that.

  3. We did a bubble theme for our daughter's first but really didn't go to into it. For her second though I went a little more crazy and did a barnyard theme that I just adored!

  4. Thanks for the blog visit and follow! I love this post and all the ideas you've collected. I'm the same way when I'm looking for party ideas :) Have fun party planning! I'm your newest follower.

  5. Hi!! Found you at the blog swap... LOVE your blog! Come visit me!
    and my new one:

  6. Awesome! I can't believe she's almost 1!

  7. My baby girl will be 1 on Friday, her 3 yr old sister had suggested we do a cupcake theme. So that's what we're doing. So cute and girly! Those cupcake pops are to die for! So much fun!

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