Friday, January 28, 2011

EASY (and adorable) VALENTINES!

After sending these valentines out last year, Jaime and I had quite a few people ask us how we made them. So we thought we'd share!

 The first trick is to use your adorable children.

When I started these I had an image in my mind of a handsome little boy with a dashing smile, perfectly holding a big red valentine's heart.

Then this is how our photo shoot went...
 And I decided a more candid shot would be better. Much better.
So, when you're trying to get your kids to cooperate, remember that they really are cutest when they're being themselves. (Not that you could convince them otherwise).

After taking a hundred pictures we chose one or two to use.
I put the pictures in photoshop and used the paint bucket tool to fill in most of the background.
Then I used the paint brush tool to touch it up. Make sure to use a soft edge around the kids so they don't have the 'cut-out' look quite as bad.
Add bubble shapes if you want them and a little type.
(You could also just put a fun colored sheet or blanket behind them and then all you'd need is the type.)

You can go online and print these as a 4x6 picture or a postcard at Walmart or wherever, or if you don't want to worry about stamps and mailing, just attatch them to an email. (If you're like me, you'll probably plan on printing them and end-up emailing them last minute. But hey, at least you'll have that option!)

Happy Valentines Making!

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  1. LOVE this idea! What an adorable thing to send out to family! Thanks! What photoshop do you use? You do an incredible job with your photos! I love the bright colors and "candid" shots :-)

  2. I totally need to figure out how to use my photoshop. That is SO coole!

  3. Hi, found you through Sew Much Ado and I love these photos! Its so much better that you just went with it and took these adorable shots. Honestly I really don't keep for long any of the "formula" shots my friends/family send me but I love this type so much I actually frame them and put them with my photos! Beautiful! ~Lori


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