Monday, January 24, 2011

Wintery day project: Alphabet Book

What to do with a stack of yet-to-be recycled magazines and a preschooler in need of a project?

Make an alphabet book!

And what fun we had doing it! We looked through the magazines and cut out large letters and useful looking photos as we went through. That alone was a great excercise in recognizing letters and the sounds they make, being creative to see how different images could be useful for different letters, and scissor handy work, which, in my experience, is pretty awesome-fun for kids this age.

After we had a large spread of images and letters, I had her line up all the letters in the correct order, choose her fav if there were duplicates, and then we went to town with the glue stick. At first, I would draw a shape and she'd apply the glue to it, but eventually I was the glue master while she slapped appropriate images on top.

I wasn't terrible organized about it so we often had to stop and go look for more images, and once or twice even print one from the computer. 

I think it turned out really cute.

The project seriously took all day--everytime Baby Sister was sleeping we were working on our book. After all the pages were complete, I punched holes in it and tied it together with some yarn to complete our "book."

She was ever so proud to show Dad when he came home. :)



  1. Hi Emily & Jamie, Thanks for your comment on my "Aha Moment" post. I would love to help you reach your 100 mark! I am the newest follower of your great blog. Please come back & join my "Changing the World One Blog at a Time" linky party later. (I'm going to start it when I reach 200 & make my contribution).

    Warmly, Michelle

  2. fun!! we just started working on something like this!!! great way to re-use that pile of magazines I have laying around too!!

  3. what a wonderful idea! thanks! i love simple easy crafts like this that entertain long after the project is over!

  4. This is neat. Next time it snows, if you have a digital camera I bet you'd also having fun with It's a one-of-a-kind free web app. Cheers, JHC


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