Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Onesie Applique and Plush Toy

Someone special is having a baby!
Whose the special someone? Emily! Yea! Emily, her husband and their little boy are going to welcome in a beautiful baby girl this week, and I'm totally dying to go see her. Alas, distance separates us, so I made gifts instead.

 I made an applique onesie and matching plush toy for the sweet baby girl (elephants because they are completely adorable and because Emily has a thing for elephants), and the big brother received a set of applique shirts--a race car and a snake, because what little boy doesn't like race cars and snakes? Not this one. :)

The real star of the set was the baby onesie and matching plush toy. I thought they turned out really cute--the toy elephant had a soft side and ribbon tags to keep baby fingers entertained as she gets older.

To find out specifics of what I did, continue reading....

This was my first time doing applique, and as I am a novice on the sewing machine, admittedly, I had some hiccups along the way (sewing the front and back of the shirt together sort of thing). But truly, this is as easy as everyone says it is.

Here's the supplies you need:

 prewashed baby onesie
fusible webbing (NOT fusible interfacing as I initially purchased) :)
cute fabric
That's it!

If you want to make a matching plush toy, then you'll also need
more cute fabric
soft fuzzy fabric for the back side
ribbon for tags

The fusible webbing you purchase will have directions on it for the applique; follow them! :)

After you have heat-bonded the fabric to the shirt, you could be finished, but I chose to do some stitching around the pattern to up the durability and cuteness factor. I just used a basic strait stitch because I thought it'd look neat and clean (and because of that whole inexperience thing--I didn't want to get too crazy with zig zags or something).

Here's what it looked like after I finished stitiching:

Now for the toy!
For that, I just used the same pattern as I did for the shirt but added about 1/4-inch seam allowance all around it. I placed the wrong sides of the fabric together placing  loops of ribbon INSIDE, between the two pieces of fabric (messed that one up the first time too). :)

Then, sew all around the toy, leaving about an inch at the end where you can turn the toy right-side out.
Then, stuff it and hand-sew it back up and you are finished! Easy cheesy.

And now with the experience under my belt and tons of leftover fusible webbing, I think I might just go applique crazy. :)

Have a nice weekend,


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  1. They turned out great! The elephant one is adorable! I like the matching toy for the baby too!

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  2. Ooh! I love it. I need to get more comfortable on my sewing machine cause I have some shirts that could use some pizazz.

  3. I am also a novice on the sewing machine! But it looks FANTASTIC! You look like a pro and you made it look so easy! I LOVE the pattern of the elephant. I would love for you to link up to my Ten Buck Tuesday link parties!

    And I'm your newest follower :)

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