Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bacon-wrapped green beans

OK, here's one of our yummy vegetable options for our romantic Valentine's Day Menu!

This is a family recipe from my great aunt Son, who happens to be a great cook and a wonderfully fun aunt.
It is one of my go-to "fancy" side dishes--something out of the ordinary and truly scrumptious. (Of course, what doesn't bacon make better? And did I mention there is brown sugar involved?)

Here's the recipe, and like all really good family recipes, there's nothing real exact about the measurements.

Bacon-wrapped green beans
Step 1: Make a little stack of 8-12 green beans (fresh or frozen--as long as they are whole).
Step 2: Roll 1 strip of bacon barber-pole style around each green bean stack.
Step 3: Put on a cookie sheet or glass casserole pan. Sprinkle with brown sugar and bake at 375 "until bacon is done." That's literally what my recipe says, but experience says that that's about 20 minutes.

Serve two bundles per person.



  1. Just curious about the sugar.. what does that do? I would think something like sea salt would be better??

  2. Mmmmm the sugar just carmalizes and gives it a nice sweet-bacony flavor. Kind of like maple sausage (ever tried it? I'm a huge fan). :)

  3. Hi Jamie,
    This is a very nice presentation for the Green Beans and the recipe sounds delicious. Thank you so much for bringing these to Full Plate Thursday for us to enjoy. Have a great week end and please come back!


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