Monday, March 14, 2011

DIY Terra Cotta Pots

Be forewarned--this is quite the saga!

I have some terra cotta pots for herbs, but they don't look like these beauties.

(Clockwise from top left: labeled pots from Martha Stewart, striped pots from Martha Stewart, chalkboard pots from The Robin's Nest, rustic pots from Pottery Barn, and bright yellow perky pot from Apartment Therapy .)

I wanted to snazz mine up a bit, but I've been having this huge delima about it. You see, what I LIKE best are the old, beaten-up looking ones like in the bottom right corner of the above collage. LOVE them! Totally my favorite. BUT my kitchen is bright and perky. I like it that way. The rustic pots would look good in pretty much any other room in my house, but not my kitchen and since that is where I want to keep my herbs.... What to do, what to do--pick something I like most? pick something that would match the most? redo my whole kitchen? :) (as if redoing my kitchen to match a 50 cent terra cotta pot would be a good idea).

I decided to go with something yellow and perkier and save the rustic pots for elsewhere. My first idea was to maybe tie some yellow ribbon around it (after all, I already had the supplies from a canopy I made for my daugthers room...more on that later....)

Well, the ribbon idea was going to be cute, but not what I was going for. Too pretty.

So, then I had this great idea to paint them yellow, label them with a Sharpie like in the top-left corner of the collage, then spray a high-gloss varnish on them. I was totally loving them, until this happened:

I was not a happy camper!! I was trying to spray one more glossy coat on them before heading out for a "Fun Friday" adventure with my kids and dropped one--right on top of the other. Grrrr.

So, I stopped by the local Hobby Lobby to buy some more (they were on sale this week) and saw these cute little metal pots in the Easter section (the one on the right) (excuse my dishes drying on the counter top) so I bought them, thinking they'd be even better.

Hmmm, not so much. I like them, but not as much as I like my yellow pots with the Sharpie labeling. Back to Hobby Lobby to take back the metal pots and get more terra cotta pots....

All that trouble for a couple of pots. Sheesh.

I do like how they turned out though.


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  1. Hi Jaime,
    I love your little yellow teraa cotta pots, they are really cute. Thank you for sharing and have a great week!

  2. Love the look of the yellow painted pots with the black sharpie writing!

  3. Nice stuff u've got here! I myself love crafts a lot but can't seem to find time to do them.. So inspired to go and get creative again! Haha :))

  4. Terra Cottas always bust on me too. I need to jazz up my collection as well...

    Thanks for sharing this at Creative Juice. Stop by again this week!


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