Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day Menu

A couple years ago Jaime and I each made a delicious Valentine's Day dinner. We set the table, decorated, lit the candles, and then swapped houses. That way each of us (and our spouses of course) got to enjoy a terrific and surprise meal on Valentine's Day.

The next year we created a menu together, each made some of the dishes, and shared. We got a complete meal but each only had to prepare half. Sadly, we don't live so close anymore, but we did learn a few things we thought we'd share. Most importantly, a fancy meal is nice, but no one wants to spend the whole day in the kitchen. SO plan ahead and keep it simple!

Here is a menu we created for this year (with a few options). We'll be sharing all the recipes in the next few days so if you see something you'd like to try, you'll have plenty of time to prepare! Hope you enjoy! (And as always, we'd love to hear some of your Valentine dinner ideas!)

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