Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's for Dinner?

Here's what we ate for dinner last week! I think we ate particularly well because we had guests one night and then I was choosing dinners from our Valentine's Day menu so I could post pictures and recipes.

Whenever I sit down to plan a week's menu, I always ask myself these questions:
  • Do I have any new recipes I want to try? And thanks to my recipe organization system, it's usually pretty easy to find one I do want to try (or two or three...).
  • What Italian food do we want this week?
  • What Mexican food do we want this week?
  • What vegetarian food do we want this week?
  • What slow-cooker or soup recipe do we want this week? (If it is summer then I ask, "what salad do we want this week?" Generally, in the summers I like to do a salad every week and in the winters I like to do a soup every week).
That usually gives us a pretty good basis for the week. Then I fill up the rest with "international" foods, leftovers, or quickies (like this week's spaghetti).

Roast (I don't usually use a recipe, but this time I tried one of bhg "American Classics" recipe. It was a bit more work but VERY good).

Fish Tacos

Pasta Fagioli with baguettes (I'll share the recipe sometime, I love this soup)

Baked Chicken with bacon-wrapped green beans

Shrimp Scampi


Mexican Pizza (this was my new recipe for the week, and I highly recommend it!)

Hope you found some inspiration. Happy eating this week!

Images: Jaime


  1. We will be enjoying a side of shrimp scampi with our steak for our candle lit Valentine's Day dinner at home. Thanks!

  2. Looks like you're eating well :). Buon Appetito! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters


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