Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pretty Little Girl

If you've noticed a lack of posts from me lately there is a really sweet reason why.
This wide-eyed little girl has been too much fun!

She has perfect little fingers

and tiny little toes

and even though this happens occationally

we still think she's precious as can be

and did I mention that she even sleeps?

We couldn't ask for more!

Thanks to our friend Christia for taking such fun pictures. What talent.


  1. Too sweet, Emily. When exactly am I going to see that baby!? Glad things are going well.
    I think the first sleeping picture of her looks like J. ;)

  2. How precious! Thanks for sharing her sweet pictures with us! :)

  3. Beautiful! Congratulations! My daughter saw the pictures and asked if she could have your baby for her sister :-) She really is too precious!


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