Friday, March 4, 2011

Puppy Birthday Party

I have a little one who just turned one! :)

Remember my Pink Puppy Inspiration post? Well, I used that inspiration to create a pink puppy party for my little girl. It was such a success! I'd debated about other party theme ideas but, I'm so happy I picked a theme that SHE wanted. As I mentioned earlier, she things the sun rises and sets on dogs, so it was a clear choice once I decided to make the day her day. I hope I never forget how excited she was to see all the dogs. She kept pointing to everything with wide eyes and saying "dog" (in her little baby way--"daw") and barking over and over again. Truly, too cute.

Party highlights
Top left: My mom and I created a life-size dog house out of cardboard boxes for her and her big sister to play in. She loved it!
Top right: Puppy dog cake. I found these super cute cookies when creating my inspiration post and my husband had the good idea to use them to make the cake. I printed out an image, cut it out and traced it onto the frosted cake. Then my mom and I used the "grass" frosting tip to fill in the dog with cute puppy fur. We put pink polka dots on the sides. Too cute. :)

Middle left: I also made little puppy dog head bands using felt and purchased headbands for the birthday girl and her big sister (we just had a family party, otherwise I would have made some for all the kids as party favors). I can't believe the birthday girl actually kept the head band on as long as she did!

I was lucky to find calendars on sale at Walmart for $2. So, I bought a puppy calendar, ripped all the pictures out, and then taped them up in the dining room. The birthday girl LOVED these (and still does--one week later, and I still haven't had the heart to take them down). :)

I couldn't find any pink puppy plates (apparently only boys have puppy parties?) but we used these blue ones--also a big success. My daughter kept pointing to the plate and barking between bites. :)

Other fun things we did:
As "party favors," I bought $1 puppy coloring books and crayons.
I found a cute pink dog dish at Ross's and filled it full of Kix (looks like dog food to me).
I brought out all the dog stuffed animals we had in the house to join in the party!
My baby (now one-year-old) is still untainted by sugar and sweets, so I used this great cake recipe at Wholesome Baby Foods called Baby's First Birthday Cake. She LOVED it. The rest of us, not so much. :) Good for the babies, but not for us who have developed a taste for sugar.

Anyway, great party! The biggest lesson learned is that even at one year's of age, I think it is important to make the day for the birthday child. Her excitement at seeing everything she loved made the day for me!


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  1. Oh and I think alike! I had a puppy party for my daughter when she turned one (she is now three). I found the cutest puppy fabric and made her a dress and just decided to make it the whole theme for her first party. In fact, I have a picture of her in her dress on my very first blog entry, if you want to check it out.

    She is adorable and her party looked like it turned out great. I love the cake and that little dog cute.

    Now, you gotta get her a real dog, if she doesn't have one. We have three dogs, which I think is why mine loves them so much.

  2. Yay! Everything turned out so cute! I can't believe she is actually one!

  3. No way is she ONE!?!?! She's sooo cute! Happy birthday!

  4. Everything is just precious...the cake, the decorations, the puppy ears!!
    What a great birthday for your little girl, who looks precious herself. :)

  5. What a precious party! The cake is super cute and I adore the puppy headbands!! Kerri

  6. What a fun party! You cake looks so awesome. It really is hard to believe how quickly the time goes by...

  7. sweet! I really like that puppy cake! My daughter would love to have a party like this. I will have to show her the pictures and see what she thinks!

  8. How adorable!!! I love the puppy ears! That is too cute!

    Thanks so much for linking up to For the Kids Fridays at I hope to have you join us again this Friday!


  9. This is super cute! The cake is adorable and I love the doggie headbands! My daughter will be turning 6 but she is still obsessed with pink and she looovvveees dogs, so this is the theme that I think we'll go with. I'm just trying to figure out how to make it a little older looking. Thanks for the inspiration!

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