Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's for Dinner?

Peanut Chicken Saute, Chinese Chicken Salad, and Vegetarian Lasagna

Peanut Chicken Saute This is my new favorite recipe! So easy and so delicious. Everyone devoured it (even the 12-month-old). I highly recommend it. We left the hot pepper flakes out (for the kids' sake) and then added Thai Sweet Chili Sauce to ours (which actually has quite a kick to it). Also, I added some fresh lemon basil (my new favorite herb) to it which made it about a million times better. Super delic. In the future, I think I'll add more peanut butter too.

Frozen fish sticks and 'tots. :) It was a busy day...! My 3-year-old informed me that tatertots were her new favorite food and that "Tomorrow we should have tatertots AND jello for dinner." My favorite variety? Van de Kamp's frozen halibut fillets (there's actually real fish in there and more of it than breading...).

Chinese Chicken Salad. Tulips have been popping up in my neck of the woods, and I've even seen a few robins now, so bring on the summer food! This was very light and refreshing.

To make it, I just cooked some chicken breasts in terriayki sauce and then sliced it and put it on top of a bed of romain. Then, I added sliced cherry tomatoes (I prefer red peppers, but I was out), mandarin oranges, sugar snap peas, sliced carrots, sunflower seeds and Newman's Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing. Tasty, tasty.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Shredded Chicken Mexican Salad. I do this a lot because I like it so much--Crock pot some chicken with salsa and spices, then turn it into a salad by layering: tortilla, black beans, rice, lettuce, chicken, and either salsa/sour cream/limes or make a sour cream-lime-cilantro dressing.

Used the leftover shredded chicken from last night to turn into burritos. Added some steamed broccoli.

Vegetarian Lasagna--this is the best lasagna I've ever had and a traditional Sunday dinner since it takes a lot of slow-simmering to make the sauce just so. :)


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