Friday, April 8, 2011


I love Samosas!

"What's a samosa?" you might ask. Well, I'm glad you asked--they are fabulous little stuffed pastries popular throughout SE Asia and all the way across the continent into Northern Africa. Usually triangular, usually fried in puffy pastry, and usually filled with spiced potatoes, onions, peas, coriander, and lentils or ground beef or chicken. Usually amazing. :) We love them at our house.

This meal is a bit more work, but I have found that everything can be prepared ahead of time and assembled at the last minute, which actually makes it quite easy. Plus, my kids love to help roll out the dough, fill them and pinch them shut. Plus it makes a lot so we can eat them for leftovers on another night (LOVE leftovers).

Is anyone else's kids crazy for curry? MILD curry that is? Both of my kids, from before they could even talk, have loved it.

This samosa recipe is pretty traditional: it's a mixture of potatoes, peas, and ground beef with appropriate spices. I once made it vegetarian by omitting the beef and using a lot more potatoes, and you didn't even know the beef was gone.

You use this mixture to fill pastry dough.

And then cook them. Traditionally, samosas are fried, but I generally shy away from frying things--not that I'm against it because I love a good fish fry as much as the next person. Or fried chicken. Or chimichungas. Or doughnuts.... But, overall, why fry if you can bake it? :) ANYWAY....

....try them. You'll like them.

Click here for the recipe. 

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  1. This post prompted me to make samosas for the first time. They were delicious and my family loved them. I can now add them to my list of Indian dishes that I make.
    Thank you!
    ~ Dawn.


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