Sunday, April 10, 2011

This week for dinner

roast chicken, lemon chicken and orzo soup, chicken a la king

Roast chicken and veggies

Lemon Chicken and Orzo Soup (Soooooooo good! This was a new recipe for me and it was easy and delicious. I highly recommend it. My husband said he wasn't a huge fan of the orzo--too small to chew he said? whatever--it was good!) I used the leftover chicken from Monday.

Stroganoff (I tried a new recipe, but it wasn't worth sharing--it had a lot of apple juice in it, which I think has potential, but this recipe had too much and it was too sweet).


Caribbean Chicken with Coconut Rice (yum!! liked this--great with lemon basil or lime juice)

leftover Caribbean Chicken with Coconut Rice

Emeril's Chicken a la King on Herb Biscuits (love this recipe!)

Bit too much chicken for one week, but it was a lot of good recipes this week.


Image credit: 1) Delish, 2) Good Life Eats, 3) Dinners for a Year and Beyond

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