Monday, May 16, 2011

Cute Accents for a Little Girl's Room

Here is a collection of some of the small details we did for my daughter's room. I hope you find some inspiration too!

I loved these little pink butterflies painted on the wall. Most people do vinyl, but I found it very easy to find some pictures of butterflies (google image search for "butterfly silhouette"), print them out, cut them out, trace them on the wall with a pencil and use craft paint to paint them in. Quick, easy, adorable, and fun to do. :)

I'd just hung these on the wall in this picture, so it's bare, but here's the french memo board, a shelf and matching stuffed rabbit. I bought the shelf at Goodwill for $1 and then just painted it yellow.

Who doesn't love japanese lanterns?

I picked up these storage boxes at Michaels--they were the perfect colors, so I couldn't resist. We store all most of her stuffed animals in them.

This was another really fun thing we did. I knew I wanted something to display her art work on and had originally planned on a long magnetic strip, but I found these super adorable bird-shaped magnetic boards (great website for shaped magnetic boards--Fridgedoor), so I went with them instead. They came yellow, but some of them I used spray adhesive to cover with cute paper.

Her Papa made her a name sign, which she loves, and we painted her potted plant pot to match the room. You can see a bit of her "birdy-birdy" here too (her night light--we bought it at Target). You can see a bit of a theme there too--we went with yellow and pink, but had the bird night light, bird magnetic strips and bird in her wall mural. I thought about painting birds on the wall rather than butterflies, but went with butterflies to make the room not a "bird" room, but just pretty and slightly nature-ish.

This was my first room re-decorate and I must say it was a lot of fun to do. Kids rooms are always fun.


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  1. I love the lanterns and the yellow! It's such a fun, girly, sweet room that's not all pink :-) great job on decorating the room!


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