Friday, May 13, 2011

DIY French Memo Board

French memo boards are such a pretty way to present a collection of photographs, and I knew I wanted to make one for my little girls room. I thought it'd be fun for her to have pictures of her family--particulary grandparents who live far away and a french memo board would be a beautiful way to present them. By making my own, I could make it exactly the way I wanted!

•a canvas or inexpensive French memo board to redo
•fabric to cover the board
•staple gun and staples
•covered-button kit or buttons of your choice

1. Cut your batting and fabric so that it is big enough to cover your memo board, go up the sides and onto the back. If your using an old French memo board, remove and discard the buttons and ribbons.

2. Use the staple gun to secure the batting and fabric onto the board, stretching taut as you go.

3. Turn the memo board faceup. Arrange ribbon on the board how you like it and cut it a few inches longer than the distance across the board. Wrap one end to the back, and staple in place. Stretch the ribbon taut to the opposite corner, wrap the end to the back, and staple. Repeat with the other ribbons, secruing them into the positions you've chosen for them.

4. Using scraps of your fabric, make covered buttons for each intersection, following the manufacturer’s directions. Alternatively, use regular buttons. Now you can either insert a staple at each ribbon intersection and hot glue the buttons on (hiding the staples at each ribbon intersection) OR you can sew your buttons on. I just sewed mine on.

Easy Peasy. There are a number of videos on youtube where you can watch it.

Here memo board is pretty loaded up with pictures, but she really likes it that way. She has pictures of mom and dad and her baby sister, all of her grandparents and most of her cousins.

Quite the fun project and really quite simple to do. I've found the easiest and cheapest way is to just re-purpose canvases you have laying around your house or that you pick up at yard sales/Rosses, etc. 

Hope your board turns out lovely. :)


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  1. My niece wants one of these for her bday!
    This Tuesday I am hosting my weekly linky party called “20 minute Tuesdays”. It’s for projects that cost less than $10 and take 20-30 minutes. This project would be perfect! Would you consider linking up on Tuesday?
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  2. very cute! can't wait to make one for my daughter's room. thanks for the tips!

  3. How cute! This would make a nice wedding gift done in the couple's weddng colors

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