Thursday, May 19, 2011

Striped Quilt

And now for my favorite part of this little boy's room...

The Striped Quilt!

There isn't a pattern for this quilt, but I will tell you what I did.

I started with the light blue fabric (the one with all the dots). Then I chose all the other fabric, one at a time using coupons of course, to match the different color dots on the first piece of fabric. When I finally had enough I cut the fabric into stripes.
The stripes across the quilt were wider than my fabric was, so to waste less fabric I would cut all of one color into 8 inch strips and sew end to end (so you have one very long 8 inch wide stripe). Then I cut a couple stripes (the width of the quilt). I split the remaining fabric in 2 lengthwise. (Some colors I split 4 and 4 inches, some 6 and 2 inches, some 5 and 3 inches). Then I cut these strips to the width of the quilt. I lined up all my stripes randomly and sewed them together.

Next I layed out my back fabric, batting and striped quilt top, and safely pinned the entire thing together. (I didn't have a quilt rack to stretch it on, so I had to improvise. It was nice to be able to fold it up and put it away when I needed to though). Then I stitchen along each seam 1/4 inch to the side, using different colors of thread. (here's a picture of the thread I used since I'm not exactly sure how to describe it.) -I love the texture it adds too.

Can I just say that all that HAND STITCHING took FOREVER! There were times when I seriously questioned my sanity and whether or not my fingertips would quit feeling numb.

But I LOVE how it turned out!

and so does this little guy...


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  1. LOVE IT! Sometimes simple patterns are the best.

  2. You can tell you put a lot of time and love into your quilt. It's gorgeous!

  3. Love it! I sure wish I knew how to do stuff like that. Maybe some day...

  4. How ADORABLE! I'm so crazy about quilts. AND I love the photo with your little boy. So smart to have the quilt a little crumpled. It could be a catalog picture. Thanks so much for linking up to Fab Friday!

    Warmly, Michelle

  5. what a fun quilt makes it extra great to cuddle in to me come see what I shared on my blog at


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