Friday, June 10, 2011

Memo Board - Boy Style

Here is a super easy version of a memo board
And its a little more appropriate for a boy than most- aka no ribbons, lace, or pretty buttons.

Start with a piece of foam board cut to size.
Cut a piece of fabric about an inch bigger all the way around.
(you could also use butcher paper, burlap, whatever you like.)
Fold the fabric over the back of the board and staple in place.

Fold the corners over and staple them in place too.

Wrap twine all around the board, criss-crossing in different directions.

Staple the twine in place on the back a few times as you go.

Put your board in a frame (your could spray paint the frame if it doesn't match).
Fill it up with pictures, cards, or other 'important' things.
You can also use thumb tacks- since there's foam board behind. I just wasn't sure giving tacks to a 3 yr old boy was a good idea :)


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  1. What a great idea. I love how you kept it simple. Cover-Staple-Wrap! No need to make it complicated, it still turns out fabulous!


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