Friday, July 29, 2011

Calling all Entries for a Lemon Celebration!

Dear beautuiful lemons, oh how we love thee, let us count the ways....

So fair, so fragrant.
So sunny, so scrumptious.

I think it is safe to admit that we have a serious "thing" for lemons.

A while ago, in our Rosemary-Lemon No-Knead Bread post, we eluded to this enjoyment near-obsession with lemons, and how we think they make everything taste better (including banana bread and cheesecake--heck, we even had a lemonade party). Well, we've been cooking up all sorts of lemon ideas--lemon desserts, lemon-colored parties, even fancy schmancy lemonade. And you know what, we're STILL not satisfied. We want more lemons!

We want more lemon recipes, more lemon decor, more lemon everything.

We want YOUR best lemon ideas.
Send them our way! Share them with us, get featured, spread the word, have fun. Let us all revel in lemon splendor. :)

Over the next little while we'll be sharing some of our favorite lemon ideas and some of your favorites too.

Just click the "contact us" tab up top and send them our way. Oh, this will be such fun!

We can hardly wait for Lemon Celebration.

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