Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Chic Baby Shower

You are in for a real treat today! Today we are sharing with you a truly beautiful baby shower. If you are anything like me, you will immediately start going through your mental calendar to see whose birthday/bridal shower/baby shower/graduation/anniversary/etc. is coming up so that you can have an excuse to throw such a beautiful party! Just look at it--its' gorgeous!!!
And I can say things like that because neither Emily nor I had any party in hosting this shower--one of my BFFs from college helped host this shower. You can see other great creations and hear some great stories by Miranda over at Narrating Life.

How crazy gorgeous are those crepe quiches? And the brown eggs? And the cheese board? The signs! Ahh! All wonderful. The signs are made using chalkboard vinyl and embroidery hoops. I'm probably going to do that about a million times in my life... :) 

Itty Bitty Pancakes--how cute and chic. :)

I love the way the breeze billows the table cloth in this picture--so fitting for a garden party.

And here is the party favor display, also rustic and feminine.

Anyway, love the party.

Miranda is quite the party extraordinaire. Check out this Rainbow Birthday Bash she helped with and this First Day of Summer Ice Cream Party. I've also been a long-time fan of her Turquoise and Orange Baby Shower she threw.

In her own words, "I LOVE PLANNING PARTIES and I want to plan more. In fact, if you need help planning your next big shindig, please email me at for more information!"

You won't regret it. :)


  1. I adore the English Garden/ Tea Party feel! I've got a baby shower coming up, I might have to try this.

  2. This is gorgeous! We would love for you to come share this at our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday" link party!

    The Sisters @

  3. Fantastic!! Love it!
    Found you on the Six Sisters linky today!!

  4. So pretty and festive...can you tell me about chalkboard vinyl - do you purchase it this way? or do you just paint vinyl? Love that idea and I am going to "pin it"!

  5. So pretty! I love the mini pancake stacks!

  6. Wow, ladies. I love everything about this! (Did you find those pancake app's on Pinterest? I've had my eye on those :)) Planning aesthetically pleasing parties like this completely stresses me out. Food I can do. I need to find a friend who can make things pretty for me :)

  7. r those blueberries on top of those pancakes? If they are they could they be any bigger! Where ever did you find them?


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