Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to plant a terrarium

For my birthday this year my husband and little girls bought me two terrariums with "free reign" to fill them as I pleased. Yay! I've spent a great deal of time considering what I want to go in them, and decided that I wanted one to just be lush and green, and the other I'm still vacillating between a brown or green orchid or perhaps a "pitcher" carnivorous plant (they're beautiful). We'll see.... The options are limitless, and I had quite a hard time deciding, but here is my "lush and green" terrarium.

I'm still thinking of perhaps a fern or large-leafed plant? or perhaps a flowering African Violet? Again, only time will tell. :)

But, here's what you need to plant your own terrarium:
a container (lid or no lid, either way)
plants that like moist environments
activated carbon (I bought mine at PetCo in the aquarium section)

For my plants, I went with some moss I collected from the Black Hills in South Dakota on a weekend trip to Mt. Rushmore and two Pilea varieties.

Step 1: Prep your container by placing some activated charcoal on the bottom. This will keep it fresh and free from contaminants. It will help with fungal growth.

Step 2: Add a layer of good potting soil on top of the charcoal. I also stirred in a bit (maybe a Tbsp?) of charcoal directly into the soil.

Step 3: Plant your plants--dig little holes and place your plants in there. I added a bit of water, but I think it was too much because the next day my terrarium was super foggy with a lot of condensed water on the inside. I just opened the lid to allow some of the moisture to escape, and now it seems good to go.  

It's been a few days and the terrarium is alive and well. In fact, as to be expected, the plants seem to LOVE it in there and are thriving; I even had to trim the larger Pilea.

Good luck with your terrarium. I always knew I liked them, but I've been surprised how much I've enjoyed mine and at how well the plants are doing in it. I'm still thinking of adding a flowering plant or a fern or something. We'll see... I'll keep you posted. :)



  1. That is such a cute idea! Never thought to put my plant in a closed container!

  2. Great project! I'm your newest follower from the Creative Blogger's Party & Hop.
    I'd love for you to visit when you can

  3. Love them. I had (about 100 years ago) a beautiful huge jar that was so unusual with a terrarium but have no idea where it went. Sure wish I had it back.

    Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Gift Card Giveaway!! Hometalk has said if I get 500 entries, they will increase the Gift Card to $100.


  4. Its so cute! I recently did one with rocks at the bottom and succulents in a vase. Love the look of these.

  5. I'm so honored that you chose to join the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Thank you for adding this special masterpiece to rock my party :)


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