Monday, August 15, 2011

Re-Purposed Yellow Dress

Here we go again. I know this is my third shirt to dress re-purposing project lately, but like I said, my baby girl needs clothes and you can't beat free.
(ok, technically this one was $1 on the clearance rack, but the others were free)

To start I bought an XL shirt (the bigger the shirt the more fabric)

I used a onsie in the size I needed as a pattern for the top. I traced the onsie, adding a couple inches in the center so I could gather it later, and remembering to cut the longer tabs on the shoulders where they fold over.
Oh, and I lined up the bottom of the dress-to-be with the bottom of the shirt so I could use the existing hem.

I cut the trim off of one sleeve hole to put around the neck line of the dress.

I gathered the dress in the center a bit (til it was the same size as the onsie) and sewed the trim in place. I also cut the sleeves out along the other arm hole so they would already have that hem/trimmed edge. (using the onsie as a pattern again). I sewed the bottom of the sleeve together on each. I also sewed the side seams of the dress.

Here is the front view of the top with front gathered and the trim in place.

I then sewed the sleeves into place, making sure the shoulder tabs on the back of the dress overlap onto the front of the dress when its right side out. (you know, so it looks like a onsie).

You could stop there if you want, but for that extra little gather in front and back here's what I did.
I cut a piece of elastic about 3 inches long

I made two marks on the front about 4 1/2 inches apart, then pinned my elastic ends to those marks. (The fabric will be bunched in between.)

Then I sewed down the center of the elastic stretching it as I went. When you release the tension on the elastic, the fabric will be gathered.

Repeat the elastic/gathering thing on the back or front (whichever you haven't done yet).

Last I took the wide trim from the neckline from the neck line of the shirt and added it to the bottom. I made sure to cut about 1 1/2 inches in to the shirt from the trim edge so I could sew the trim on where the seam already was on the bottom.

And its done!
(well, actually I think I have enough fabric left to make some matching bloomers, but that will have to wait til another day :)


  1. That is super cute, you did a great job on it too!

  2. Sweet repurpose! Wish I could do this for me--unfortunately it doesn't translate as well. ha ha!

  3. Super cute idea. I love all the details.

  4. you did awesome on that emily. I want to see a picture of your cute baby in that dress. My favorite part in the details around the bottom. great idea with the extra gather too. miss you!

  5. This is a cute dress! I love the details you added! The bloomers will be so cute with the dress. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the color and the little detailed trim at the bottom. Very cute!

  7. Supper cute and I love the attention to detail!

    I would love for you to share with my link party Blog Stalking Thursdays!

  8. Fantastic! I love how you reused the trim. This is my first visit here, but I can tell you're a fantastic seamstress!

  9. Love that - you're sooo creative :)

    BTW- I'm hosting a fabric giveaway this week over at my blog - stop by when you get a chance:

  10. Hello
    Just wanted to let you know that I have featured you on my blog. If there is anything you would like me to remove, please let me know


  11. What a pretty dress! I love the way simple details make an item of clothing special.


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