Friday, September 2, 2011

Honey Bee Birthday Party

This was SUCH a fun party theme: a Honey Bee Birthday.

Yellow has been my little girl's favorite color right from the get-go (hence the yellow room). So, for months we've been discussing back-and-forth what she wanted to do for her birthday party. After going through all sorts of ideas that included watermelons, fairies, forests, rainbows, picnics, zoos, and swimming parties, "yellow" soon became the clear favorite.

Then she saw a cake shaped like a bee-hive and she was sold. There was no looking back. But she (nor I) liked all the yellow and black bumble bee party things I showed her as much as the more natural colors, so we went with a "honeybee" birthday party and stuck with a more natural color palette--yellows and browns and everything in between.

Here's the beehive cake.
I think it turned out really cute and it was the easiest cake I've made yet! The secret? Well, remember those Barbie cakes? The ones where the cake is a dress and you stick a Barbie doll in the top? Well, lucky for me, my MIL had one of those cake pans around still, so I used it and turned it into a beehive.

For the party favors, I thought it'd be cute to use brown paper bags to keep with the natural colors we were using. I cut a window in the bags, then glued in a piece of paper that sort of resembled honey comb. We filled the bags with cute little jars of honey (see below) and color-it-yourself cardboard jigsaw puzzles (with bees on them of course) from Micheael's. Then, I tied them with some hemp and added cute little matching tags (that Emily made--thanks Em.)

(All these adorable printables can be found here)

Then it was party time! The kids helped themselves to the snacks (lots of sweets of course, but I also offered some Chex Mix, honey-coated almonds and other honey treats).

Isn't this little boy adorable? The lone boy at our party. :)

My daughter, the birthday girl, doesn't like party games, so we went for a party craft instead. The kids all decorated masks with foam stickers, rhinesontes, feathers, glitter, etc. I think it turned out fun.

Here's all the kiddos in their decorated masks. Notice they're all in yellow? I seriously debated about asking the parents to have their kids wear yellow--that's kind of asking a lot if they don't already have yellow. But, in the end I made a little note on the card. It was really cute to see them all in yellow for our yellow party, but I think I won't do that again because I know that at least 2 of the kids said they bought something yellow to wear especially for the party.... Anyway, lessons learned along the way....

Hope you enjoyed that cute party! I sure did, and most importantly, so did the birthday girl. :)


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  1. That party is so cute! I love your blog! I'd love to win your banner!

  2. That is adorable, and I am definetly going to be doing something like this in the future!!

  3. OMG what a cute party!!! I love the honey bee theme! And your cake plate and drink container are to die for, where did you get those??? That cake is so perfect, that was so smart to use the Barbie cake mold.

  4. What a cute idea! I'd love to use the banner.

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  6. That's an adorable party! I love the kids all lined up in their yellow outfits -- especially the one on the right with the striped skirt! She looks just like a bee. :-)

  7. Mandi--aren't those beehive-shaped cake stands and drink container to die-for cute?! My mom actually had those--she bought them on a crazy clearance blow out at Beehive Bookstores. They fit the theme oh-too well, but we've used them for all sorts of non-beehive-themed events too. :)

  8. What a unique birthday party idea! I too love the cake plate and cover and the drink dispenser! Never heard of Beehive Bookstore, but I wish I had one nearby.

    Oh, and I'd love to win your cute banner :)

  9. Such an adorable banner!

  10. i follow you via GFC : MadelineJ


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