Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Foliage Bouquet

Is it Fall in your area of the world? It is in mine! The mornings are crisp, the apples are on, the pumpkins are out at the stores, and I've been making pear butter and gingerbread pancakes with glazed apples. :)

Today I decided it was time to make a Fall Foliage bouquet:

I'm lucky enough to have a burning bush in my backyard, and I've been very much enjoying its intensely red leaves the past week or so. Today I wanted to bring some of the color indoors, so I simply filled a vase with water, headed out back with some shears and clipped myself some branches. And now it is autumn time in my dining room. :)

Why not go on a fall foliage hunt in your own yard? I hope you find something beautiful to bring indoors.

Happy Fall,

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