Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY dollhouse

A few years ago my husband I spent many of our December nights painting and gluing this little beauty for our little girl's Christmas present. I still think it is the cutest dollhouse I've ever seen. :)

We knew we wanted to get her a dollhouse for Christmas and spent way too much time looking for the perfect one--the one that fit our style, our size, our wallet, etc. Then one day we got lucky and  found one of these dollhouse kits on Craig's List FOR $10. Yes, $10, not $100 (which still would have been a good deal the way these kits are priced!).

We immediately bought it and went to work. We had so much fun making it too. These dollhouse kits are definetly made for collectors and not for parents to put together in a few nights for their little girls--it took WAY more time than we expcted. But, honestly we had fun. We painted and glued while we listened to audio books.

We painted the interior a variety of colors to make it a little whimsical too.

I love all the molding and the front porch--too cute. The door even has tiny little hinges.

We added some extra little birds to the house because she had a thing for "birdie birds" and then painted a pink tree in the yellow room upstairs since at the time my daughter had a pink tree mural in her yellow room as well. We thought that'd make it fun and personal.

All-in-all it really is the sweetest little dollhouse ever. Not only is it adorable but it is also memorable--all the time my husband and I spent working on it together means a lot. That being said, like I mentioned earlier, these dollhouse kits really are meant for collectors not little children. My oldest daughter has a more mild, gentle personality and so she played with it easily without damaging it. However, that is not the case with her younger sister or any other kid we've ever had over. The door has been ripped off its hinges LOTS of times, window panes poked out, molding ripped off the roof, etc. So I would advice against giving it to any child younger than about 6.

Hope that inspires you for Christmas!

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  1. I got one at a garage sale that I want to make over. I was thinking about making it a gingerbread house, but I'm not sure yet. I started making bread dough "candy" to go on it, but just am not sure....

  2. I LOVE it! This is the kind of dollhouse I want to give my daughter when she is older. It's gorgeous!:)


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