Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Harvest Mantel

Now that Halloween is long since over, I was ready to change my Halloween mantel into something a little more appropriate for Thanksgiving.
I'd been debating about several different ideas when I walked into Fred Meyer one morning and all their squashes were on sale. So I bought some squashes. A lot of squashes.

I love squash and I love the idea of harvest, so this was perfect for me. Squashes are kind of amazing--they come in so many funky colors and shapes, and it is fun to see them all together.

And when Thanksgiving is over, we can eat the decorations!!! :) How's that for cost-effective? Butternut and Apple Harvest soup anyone? Or Pasta with Roasted Squash?

Anyway, I love how colorful and festive it turned out. My daughter also had a great time helping place the squashes.

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