Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Valentine's Mantel

For some, it may feel too early to decorate for Valentine's, but I must say ,I pretty much think it is never too early to decorate for a holiday! :) I love to have all the fun decor out. So, when Christmas came down, Valentine's went up!

I decided that I didn't want to spend much on decorating, so shopped around my house and came up with this for my mantel.

Everything came from stuff I already had, except for the pink Valentine's canvas on the right.

For the pink paper canvas, I simply bought a cheapy 12 x 12-inch canvas, sprayed it with spray adhesive and then stuck a piece of Valentine's scrap book paper to it. Super easy and cute. The edges of the canvas were bare, so I sprayed them with the adhesive as well and then wrapped a big pink ribbon around it that I was lucky enough to have laying around.

The garland I bought last year at TJMaxx. It'd be super easy to make, but it was also super cheap to buy, so I just got it. :) Happy I did. And, amazingly enough, I hung it on the brick mantel with double-sided tape. It's been up for a week now and hasn't budged, so I think it'll last.

This little rosebud ball I made out of crepe streamer paper. More on that next time....

And last but most importantly, is my version of the Apple Blossom Canvas. Last time, Emily showed you a great tutorial on how to make these canvases. They really were quite simple to make and so easy--I felt like I was making real art, which was rather thrilling to me (I guess I'm easy to thrill...). It was fun to see how Emily and I made them together, using the same supplies and same techiniques, but our different styles really came through.

These canvases I have another coordinating canvas as well, and together they have been everywhere from the walls in my living room to the walls in my bedroom. And now, I'm using them for a romantic touch on my Valentine's Mantel. :)

Other things I included
  • A felt Valentine's wreath that Emily and I made together a few years ago--we shaped a heart out of wire and then tied red strips of felt to it. 
  • A family portrait (the girls and I are even wearing pink!); nothing says love like family. :)
  • I'm sure my red amaryllis won't last until Valentine's day, but since it was still beautiful and blooming after Christmas, I tied a red bow around it and moved it to the mantel.
  • A candle stick and red candle that I got for my wedding ages ago, and one that I always thought of as Christmas decor. I think it fits better here.

Hope your Valentine's decorating goes well! Have fun with it,

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    Great minds think alike I guess! I was looking through the links (Not Just a Housewife), and saw your picture, it has some similarities to mine! Too funny, hop over and take a peak!


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