Friday, February 17, 2012

Caterpillar Birthday Cake

My baby girl is turning 1 soon, so I've had birthday on the brain.
Then I was thinking... I don't think I have ever posted my son's first birthday cake.
A Caterpillar Cake!

The caterpillar is made of chocolate cupcakes. The head I frosted yellow and the body green and blue-green. I lined them all up on a cookie sheet and added the decorations. Mike-n-Ike, licorice ropes, and M&Ms. Cute and tasty. And more importantly.... easy.

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  1. You followed me, and I just had to follow you right back. Everything on your site looks amazing. I'm so glad I found you...and visa versa.

  2. Love this! We did a Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake (meaning cupcakes) for when my youngest turned one.

  3. That is adorable ! I love it! Thanks for stopping over!

  4. Awesome cake! I love how simple it is to make, too. Thanks for the inspiration!


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