Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photo Valentines

Here are the Valentines I'll be sending out this year.
A sweet Valentine and an update on the kids all in one.

To make your own, start with a photo of your kids.
(I just took pics of mine sitting on a white sheet by an open window-for light)
Then edit the photo. In photoshop I used a combination or the 'dodge tool' to lighten the edges and the 'eraser' to erase and soften the edges. (You could always just crop the photo to the shape you want if you're going for extra easy).
Next put your photo on a background. I made my background the same color as the sheet so it would blend right in. I knew I wanted to print mine as a 4x6 picture so I made my background 12x18 (3 times a 4x6. I make it bigger to ensure the printing quality/focus is good).
Add the type.
And most importantly, send to someone you love!
(the great thing about making your Valentines on the computer is if you don't get them printed in time to mail out, you can always just send them in an email. :)

If you like these, check out our Valentines from a couple years ago...

click here for instructions!

Now hurry and make your own... and send us one so we can see!

here's where we link!

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