Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY basic hairbows

Is it just us, or is it difficult to find hairbows that match your girls' clothes?

Well, we took matters into our own hands and made some very cute, very sweet and simple hairbows for our girls.

Good ol' Martha has basic how-to-tie-a-nice-bow instructions (see below), and we decided we just wanted cute bows that won't come undone. So, we bought the appropriate colors of ribbons, tied up a bunch of bows, put a couple of stitches in the back so they won't come untied, then glued them to hair clips.

Easy, fun, cute. Perfect little project while watching a nice chick flick (we enjoyed Pride and Prejudice). :)

Martha's Favorite Bow How-To

1. Shape two evenly sized loops, one in each side of the ribbon.
2. Cross right loop over left one.
3. Knot loops by threading right loop behind left one, under, and up through the hole; make sure ribbon is not twisted or bunched.
4. Pull loops into a smooth knot. Adjust loops; trim tails to be slightly longer than loops.

 Happy bow making!

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