Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Egg Ideas

It should come as no surprise to those of you who know me, that I really like trying new things with my easter eggs. :)

Here's a selection of some fun, easy-to-do egg dying ideas from last year that you don't need any fancy tools for--just a good ol' Paas Easter egg dye kit and basic household items.

Last year we tried using rubber bands, it is was quite fun. Easy enough to do too: just wrap a rubber band around the egg, plop it (gently of course) into the dye, pull it out when you are ready, let it dry and remove the rubber band. Voila! fun little lines around your egg.

Sometimes we also like to drip dye onto the egg. Just set it down and use a spoon to drip some drops of dye onto it, then don't disturb it while it dries.

This technique requires a little bit more patients, but it's my favorite one to do; I do it every year. I like to use the little wire egg-holder doo dab that comes with your egg dye kit. I take the egg in that holder and dip it into the dye about half way. And hold it there for as long as I can without getting too bored. Then, set it down and let it dry trying to not let any drips run. Once it is dry, then I take the egg in the egg holder again and dip a different half in a different color and so on and so on. Makes a great plaid-type look that I think is super fun. :)

What's your favorite way to dye Easter eggs?
Trying anything fun or new this year?


  1. Thanks for stopping by, with this cute rubberband decoration idea!! We look forward to seeing what else you create for next Thursday's Link Up!! Check back on Sunday to see if you've been featured!

  2. I do something very similar. But, instead of holding the eggs in the dye, I use shallow plastic containers with lids. I cut circles out of some of the lids and ovals out of others. I use the circles for the ends of the eggs and ovals for the sides. They turn out beautiful!


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