Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Kids Craft: Paper Easter Eggs

Looking for a fun Easter kid's craft? This sure was a fun one for us to do. We decorated paper easter eggs. :)

We got a little funky and tried some interesting, somewhat organic designs to some eggs...

...but also stuck with traditional stripes and dots.

I think this striped one below is my favorite actually. Kind of fun, funky and whimsical.

I will say we made quite the mess! For this craft I just sat down with glue, scissors, paper and my two kids (2 and 4 years old)--kind of a mistake. You wouldn't even begin to believe the mess of paper scraps and glue that was spread in a 20-foot radius around us!!

NEXT TIME I plan on spending a tiny bit more effort up front and cutting everything out BEFORE I let them come down from quiet time. :) That way we can all make eggs together and no one will have to try too hard to be patient. :)

It really was a fun little craft though and my kids are very proud of their contribution to the holiday decor. :)

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