Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Party Planning from the Pro's

Hi Everyone! Today we have an article for you from Melissa at The Party Works.  Melissa is a guest post writer for their site and knows where to get the best deals on Super Mario Bros party supplies (among other useful information). :)

Take it away Melissa! :)

Crafts for your child’s next birthday party

Birthday parties only come around once a year for your little ones, so it’s important to make them fun and memorable. Many parents fall into the trap of planning for the main logistical roadblocks to a party while neglecting the basics. It’s important to figure out the location, food, and everything else but none of that matters if the kids don’t have a good time. One way to make sure your party is a success is to incorporate fun crafts into the day. Take a look below for three birthday craft ideas.

- For the girl’s party

Your daughter and her friends will enjoy all kinds of crafts, but this one’s especially for them. You’ll need headbands in assorted colors for everyone, various buttons and enough embroidery floss or colored thread to wrap around the headbands. You’ll also need a hot glue gun and scissors. Each girl gets a headband and the colored thread of her choice. You can get the process started by hot gluing the end of the thread to the back of the headband and they can take it from there. The thread can go through the buttons and still wrap around the headband to add accents. At the end each girl will have her own personalized headband to take home and remember the party by.

- For the boy’s party

The boys wouldn’t have much use for headbands, so you can have a special craft for your son’s party. This one involves crafting and competition, which is sure to get any young man excited. They’re going to create racecars and pit them against each other. You’ll need several paper towel tubes, enough for each boy to have one. You’ll also need other cardboard, straws, tape and scissors. The paper towel tube is the main part of the car, and the boys can use the rest of the cardboard to customize it as they wish. They’ll obviously need some wheels that use the straws as axels, but you can encourage them to add anything else they think will make the car faster. When everyone’s done, you can find a hill to race the cars down.

- - For any party

- You can be much more creative if you’re throwing a party without a gender-specific theme. One fun way to get all the kids involved is to have a scrapbooking party. This isn’t like a typical scrapbooking party, however. This time you’ll be having the kids document the party and scrapbook about it at the same time! For this one you’ll need to get notebooks, glue, and scrapbooking supplies for everyone. Get out your digital camera and have the other parents bring theirs if they’re willing. Then let the kids document the party and put together a little scrapbook about it before they leave. It doesn’t need to be a huge notebook, just a few pages will do. Planning the right crafts will make your birthday party a huge success. Have fun!

Thanks Melissa, we love throwing great parties around here, and we love your advice.

P.S. to our loyal readers--sorry we've been a bit MIA lately--we're BOTH going threw the process of finding new homes to move to and packing and all that wonderful stuff that comes when your husbands finally graduate from school. yipee! We'll be back REAL soon though with some pretty fun home makeover projects, so hang tight!

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