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DIY Cake Stands

Special treat today for our readers!
We've become friendly with two other sister-in-law bloggers and wanted to swap guest post with them today. They have many, many creative ideas on their site--you won't want to miss checking them out.

Hi Everyday Art readers! We are Trish and Bonnie from the blog, Uncommon! We are excited to be here today to show you how to create one of our favorite projects...


 If there is one thing I love about styling parties, it has to be the sweets table!  If you are planning out the table design, you will need to arrange your items at varying heights to keep the look interesting and polished.
  Now, I am a cake stand lover, but my budget does not allow for one in every shape, color and size.  A simple DIY cake stand was exactly what would help! So, I decided that I needed to make one or four (hee hee!)  that I can embellish for a particular event. They ended up being pretty easy to make and I even used a power tool... a drill!  Now, for all of you ladies who can rock a sander or saw super for you, but I was just excited that I didn't drill the stand to my deck! :)
Here is how I made them...

DIY Cake Stand Tutorial

furniture legs (I got mine from Home Depot)
rectangle or square 1 inch thick wood for the top
smaller square plaque for the base (Hobby Lobby)
drill and drill bits
spray paint
Step One. The first thing you will want to do is drill all of the pilot holes.  A pilot hole is where you drill a small hole into the wood where you will insert the screw.  It helps to make sure the wood won't split!  You will need to drill one in the middle of the base piece, the top piece, and at the top of the furniture leg. 
Step Two.  Now you will screw the furniture leg right into the base piece.  The legs come with one screw already attached at the bottom, so this is a super easy part!
Step Three.  For this step, you will insert the screw into the pilot hole in the top and attach it to the furniture leg.  Just about all done!
Step Four.  Painting time!  You will want to sand the cake stand to make sure your paint will go on smoothly.  Next, add a few coats of spraypaint in your favorite color.  Now you have a nice, fully functional cake stand for a fraction of the cost!
At this point I could leave well enough alone, and use the stands as they are.  But.... well, you know me... I have to fancy them up a little!  Here are a couple of ways I have decorated them for events that I have styled, but the possibilities are endless...
Halloween: "Batty" Cake
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Thanks girls! Too, too cute. :)

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