Friday, June 1, 2012

Pink and Blue Striped Quilt

Finished the project! :)

What cute quilts! And not just one, but TWO matching quilts for my girls' new bunk beds. :) Phew! Quite the project, but I love how they turn out, and most importantly so do my girls. As these were my first quilts, I quite literally couldn't have done it without the help of family.

Remember Emily's Striped Quilt?

Well, I loved it, so when she came to town for a visit, I elicited her help (and her mom's and her sister's) to make a more girly version.

I love the fabric we found for it. As I mentioned in the "sneak peak" post, one girl wanted a "pink, Pink, PINK!" room and the other wanted "blue like the sky," so we found these great fabrics that were a beautiful, fun mix.

I followed Emily's directions for making the quilts with a few differences. 1) I made my stripes go vertically rather than horizontally as she did, mostly because I thought it'd be easier, and 2) I made my stripes thicker than her stripes, also because I thought it'd be easier. :)

It was a fun project, and I feel much more confident about sewing quilts now with all the help I got. The girls love them too--the most immediately wanted to snuggle in them.

Now for the rest of the room! I have all sorts of fun ideas for room decor; now comes the tricky part--deciding what to do. :)


  1. What beautiful quilts! Lucky girls!

  2. Hi! Just stopping by from your guest post at Uncommon. What a beautiful quilt! Also- I can't wait to try those pie crust "chips" with fruit salsa!!

  3. Beautiful! Congrats on finishing your first quilts! Found your post through Diamond In The Stuff.:)

  4. I was just looking at that same fabric yesterday. I love it! How many yards did you use? And what size is the quilt?

  5. This is lovely fabric! Could you tell me what it is? Thank you!


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