Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bubble Art

Jaime had pinned this idea here, and I thought I'd let my kids give it a try.

I had a bunch of almost-gone washable crayola paints and needed a fun way to use them up.

We just scraped the last of the paint into a plastic cup, added a couple drops of dish soap, poored in a tiny bit of water and mixed.

See my beautiful model mixing the paint... NOTE TO SELF: maybe I should have had her mix with a spoon because the straw was too tempting and she had a little taste. That was exciting.

Then this handsome guy blew lots and lots of bubbles (just like in chocolate milk)- a dream come true :)

We pressed the cardstock down onto the bubbles and wha-la!

(the bubble prints were actually more pastel, but when I scanned them then copied a little wierd)

-don't add too much water or the pictures will be super light
(the green was our first try, but we used less in the other colors and it worked better)

-this probably should have been an outside project.
That might have something to do with the fact that my 1 yr old was 'helping' us, but still, its a little messy.

-use you bubble prints for all sorts of projects!
gift cards, wrapping paper, cool background, you name it

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