Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Backyard Chicken Tractor

Did I mention how much I like owning my own house. OK, not really OWNING, but you know, having our own house.... Now we can finally get the chickens we've been talking about forever. :)

And what better way to welcome our lovely little ladies to their new home than with an adorable hen house of their own? :)

This house + run is an appropriate size for 4-5 adult hens to run around and make yummy fresh eggs for us. (It's 8' x 4' plus the house.) It's not quite finished--the last little job is to put wheels on the back end of it (under the laying boxes at the back) so that we can move it around the yard. That way, your hens are pretty much always free-ranging and they won't destroy any patch of grass (if, of course you move it enough).

In this picture you can see the white handle we'll use to lift it and then move it (wheel-barrow style).

Then if we ever want to let them out to run around the yard, the side door (with the red X on it) can be used for both cleaning out the hen house and getting the hens in and out (we have a ramp for that too so they can come in and out).

And for ease of changing their water and feed, my husband added a hinged door on the top.

Cute, cute, cute.

A variety of free examples and plans are available at Backyard Chickens.
Now we just need our little gals to grow up a bit so they can live in it and mature enough to lay us those eggs. :)

For our little flock of hens we have a silver laced-winged wyandotte, a black australorpe, a buff orpington, and 2 americaunas.

Keep your fingers crossed for us that they actually all are females. :)


  1. Your going to love your buff orpington. They are the "Golden Reteievers" of chickens - same color and same friendly disposition. Stop by my blog and see our flock of buff's.
    Good luck with your girls. Fresh eggs are the best!

  2. Is the bottom of the run open or is it covered with chicken wire too?

  3. It is open. :)
    They love eating the fresh grass as we push it around the yard.

  4. Could you provide a list of the materials you used?



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