Friday, September 21, 2012

Whole Wheat Autumn Apple Pizza

So, I am an apple thief.
It's true. I can't help myself. If I go past a tree with apples on it, I have a compulsion to steal some. I always usually limit it to just one or two. When my kids are with me I try to find a good one off the ground or hanging over a fence or something--something to try to make it seem like I'm not ACTUALLY stealing apples.
Today for example, we were on a little jog and we passed seriously probably 6 different apple trees.
We sampled.
By the time we got home the kids and I had tried all 6 different varieties and voted on our favorites (the one I thought looked the LEAST appetizing--just plain old green--was SOOOO good). Since they were with me, I followed my rationalization-of-stealing rules: only off the ground or if the apples were hanging over the fence. :)
Someday when I have apple trees (in the plural) maybe I'll put a sign out that says "go ahead take one" for folks like me.
Anyway, there are just way too many things to do with a good apple, and this Whole Wheat Autumn Apple Pizza is now quite high on the list. It has apples and smoked cheese and sage and bacon and is just completely wonderful! I got the recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, How Sweet It Is. You should try it out--you'll love it.
My only suggestion to make it even yummier is to add a bit of basalmic vinegar. Yum-o! You could cook it down with a little brown sugar to make it thick and syrupy (tried that, loved it), or you could just put a bottle of basalmic vinegar on the table and sprinkle it on, slice-by-slice (tried that, loved it too).
Either way, it is a wonderfully festive food for this time of year.
Enjoy your autumn!

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  1. The Iron Chef Mom Team would love to invite you to join us this week with this fabulous apple recipe and any others you might want to enter into the contest!
    The Iron Chef Mom Team :)


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