Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Front Porch Decorations

What a nice pile o' pumpkins! :)
I think few things are as festive as a great big stack of pumpkins. I love seeing them at the stores, and I love walking up to my house and seeing them. It's a good reason to walk out the front door--just so I can walk back in and see them. :)

Plus my kids LOVE the creepy gigantic spider.
Remember my mom's fun pumpkin party?
Well, we did more than just have fun--I came home with a nice pile of pumpkins to use on my front porch this year.
This pumpkin is my favorite--it looks all nobbly and warty. Apparently they are good for eating too, but so far I prefer to just decorate with it.

My kids also think that the pumpkins are the perfect front-porch bench to sit at as well. So many uses for one simple vegetable!

I hope your fall pumpkin baking and decorating are going well!


  1. We picked up a lot of fun pumpkins at the pumpkin patch two weeks ago...and they're still sitting in the back of our van...need to get them out on our porch. Yours look lovely.

  2. This is very easy. Thanks for sharing the updates here


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