Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall Felt Wreath

My door was looking a little bare, so I had to dress it up.

I re-purposed these felt mums I had made last year 
by just hot glueing them on to this grape vine wreath I had laying in the basement.

Which made this this years decor ABSOLUTELY FREE!
I realize you probably don't all have these things cluttering up your house, but felt is cheep and the wreaths can be found about anywhere this time of year for a dollar or two. So it's still a good deal.
And another bonus, since it is red and green I think I'll leave it up clear through Christmas!
Remember this wreath from last year? Yah, sadly the 'wreath' part didn't survive out last move. (Which is why I alread had the flowers :)
Here are the instructions for the Yarn and Felt Wreath.

and if you want to make some too, here's the felt mum tutorial.
I think these sunflowers would make a great wreath too...

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

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