Saturday, November 3, 2012

Super hero costume, super quick!

"Hey Mom, I'm supposed to dress like a super hero for school tomorrow."
Real Cool. We don't have any super hero costumes. Dorothy, cats, princesses, doctors, a bumblebee, forest fairies--those costumes we have, but Super Heros? not so much.
Who ever heard of dressing like a Super Hero for red ribbon week anyway?
Never fear, a costume is near!
When my good friend Mandy moved away, she left me a whole bag full of awesome felted sweaters. :) yea! I've been brainstorming of what to do with all of it (and have quite a list of fun projects).
Well, I'd never envisioned a super hero costume, but my mind quickly went to my fabric stash when I heard the news about needing a costume. I decided that the felted sweaters could be exactly what I needed--no need to hem or sew a thing (which, frankly is always a plus in my book, but especially since we were down to the wire with this outfit).

For this quick costume, I left the neckline intact and then cut off everything except the back of the sweater. Voila, a cape.
Then, I cut off the arms. Voila, a pair of fancy leg warmers.
Then I cut some long strips. Voila, fancy matching hair bows.

And that my friends is how you make a super hero costume in no time at all. (If, of course, you are lucky enough to have a felted sweater laying around. )

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  1. Hooray! See, I knew I did the right thing giving those to you. You've already gotten more use out of them than I did and you've owned them for a fraction of the time! Super cute super hero!


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