Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Handmade Christmas Ornaments: Fabric Balls

As a Christmas tradition and craft, every year we pick a few handmade ornaments to make for our own tree.
We made several this year, but these fabric balls were my favorite. Easy enough for kids to do (with some help) but pretty enough for the grown-ups to appreciate. :)
I love their slightly rustic charm.
I also love how versatile they are. I suppose they could have any sort of "feeling" to them depending on the fabric you use--anything from whimsical to Victorian.
Here's our simple step-by-step tutorial:
1) First, gather your supplies. You'll need the following:
*styrofoam balls (check your local dollar store)
*a good all-purpose craft glue (Elmer's was a bit too runny, but would work in a bind)
*a sharpened pencil or knitting needle
*a few coordinating fabrics (bonus if you can use your scraps!)
*rotary cutter and mat
2) Secondly, cut your fabrics into squares. We experimented with 1 1/2-inch squares and 1 1/4-inch squares, and we all prefered the 1 1/4-inch squares. The larger squares to make a "fuller" look, but there was something nice and neat about having more compact fluffs of fabric.  

We didn't bother in any way about being precise with this craft--sometimes we cut too many squares and had leftovers, sometimes not enough and we had to cut more. No worries. Just cut some squares.
3) Next you'll take each square of fabric and wrap it around the end of your pencil. We preferred to put the "right" side of the fabric next to the pencil, but either way worked great.  
4) Then dip the tip of the fabric in your glue.

5) And finally, poke the fabric into your styrofoam ball.

And your done. :)
We had lots of fun using different color combos (I liked the red and white or the red, white and green ones best--I guess I'm a traditonalist). The blue and white ones were pretty as were the gold and maroon ones.
We also played around with patterns--swirls, stripes, chevrons and just "random." You can't go wrong!! :)
 Have fun making ornaments with your friends and family this year!  


  1. Love this! But how did you hang them on the tree??

    1. One way is to clip a paper clip in half so that two U shapes remain. Use 1. Push the straight ends into the styrofoam, then attach a hook.
      It might be kind of flimsy, though. Maybe some glue would help. I haven't tried this way yet, just saw it on another blog.

    2. I use the hooks that you use for the glass balls. You can get them at most dollar stores :)

    3. I use the hooks that you use for the glass balls. You can get them at most dollar stores :)

  2. How pretty! I would love to invite you to Fall Into the Holidays, open through Thursday this week-

    Katie @ Horrific Knits

  3. That was pretty handmade christmas decoration. I really enjoy seeing this one. Thanks for the inspiration :)
    Cheers !!


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